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The High School Dance

Here’s a little secret that I hope doesn’t stay a secret too long . . . are you ready? GOD LOVES YOU. He’s nuts about you. He thinks you are the best thing he created (okay, so he thinks that about everyone but still - how cool is that?!) In fact, we’re not the guy in the high school dance story - God is. He’s the one approaching us. He desires relationship with us. He wants us to love him. He cares about us. And I honestly believe he is devastated when we turn him down. In fact, he’s been pursuing you since you were created . . . pointing out at every juncture of life his love for you. In a sunset, in the smile of a child, or in the warmth of an embrace from a loved one. He’s been pursuing you. We call that prevenient grace, or grace that “goes before”. Maybe a better way of putting it is, God takes the initiative in the relationship.

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